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'Circle Of Life' (COL) is  a breakthrough coaching system for the enhancement of personal and professional effectiveness.  It is holistic and comprehensive and has supported thousands of people since 1986 in regaining health, preventing disease, and improving the quality of their lives. The power of COL is that it can assist any individual, at any age, with any belief, goal or problem in a process of empowerment. COL assists people in attaining higher levels of health, vitality, productivity, peace, abundance, joy and life fulfillment. It helps people to catalyze and actualize positive, meaningful results in their lives.
During the COL coaching cycle, you will:
  • Complete a 'Circle Of Life' Assessment, Evaluating 12 Aspects of Your Life
  • Conduct Your Own Readiness for Change Assessment
  • Begin a Powerful Process of Intention/Challenge/Affirmation/
  • Action/Accountability
  • Create a Personal Step-By-Step Strategy Plan and Schedule What Really Works for You
  • Access Your Own Inner Wisdom and Power
How Does COL Work?
The COL program assesses 12 life areas to assist clients in a multi-phased approach for clarifying intentions, setting goals, taking realistic action steps, using accountability, and engaging in a continuous personal improvement process.
Individual Sessions are held once a week for a series of 6 weeks.
$400 for entire series and all materials.
COL is led by Lu Pierro, M.Ed., Ed.S.
Lu is a certified 'Circle Of Life' wellness coach with a passion for supporting people.  Lu has been a consultant for 25 years.  She is a former educator, Usui Reiki Master, Reiki drum instructor and successful business owner.